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TPM1 - Poland

The first transnational teachers’ meeting took place between 23rd and 26th May 2022 in Poland at Wojska Polskiego High School with the participation of the project partners: from Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Finland and Poland. The main objectives of the first kick-off meeting were: -to work on the project “Prototype” and focus the bullying prevention programme -to set up teamwork cooperation between project organisations and partners through the duration of the project and establish strong alliance - to introduce project objectives, activities and final outcomes - to introduce the topic of bullying and making aware of this issue students and school staff - to take part in training sessions on bullying in a school environment and different types of bullying research and analysis During the first day of the Polish mobility, the participants of the kick-off meeting took part in Warsaw sightseeing tour and were familiar with the Polish culture and customs.The beginning of the first transnational meeting started with the sightseeing tour to establish strong mutual cooperation and alliance for the whole project working time. On the second day of the meeting, there was a training session on bullying in a school environment and team work activities on a school-based prevention programme The training session was conducted by Jacek Staniszewski, a professional trainer, t and advisor. The training session was divided into two parts: a theoretical one with a kind of lecture and visual presentations and the second one: a practical session based on group work, discussion and problem- solving tasks. On the third day of the kick- off meeting, the participants worked on the project objectives and outcomes. They also presented the situation analysis in their organisations and countries based on the applied questionnaires and conducted researches on the topic of bullying in a school environment. At the end of the meeting, the certificates of attendance were distributed and the official part of the first transnational meeting ended. Some of the participants took part in Modlin Fortress Sightseeing Tour.

Agenda Poland

Poland- Minutes of Meeting

TPM2- Portugal

The second transnational teachers’ meeting took place on 25th and 26th of October 2022 in Portugal at Universidade Lusófona, Lisbon, with the participation of the project partners: from Poland, Turkey, Italy, Belgium (online participation, due to health reasons), Finland and Portugal. The main objectives of the meeting were: – to discuss about the risk analysis results carried out by the Open Education Community Foundation (Belgium), – to discuss and present ideas about the requirements and methods for performing a valid factor and needs analysis task – to make an overview and evaluate the ideas and actions taken thus far on the project tasks – to present social media activities and the official web site of the project, as well as discuss further outreach – to discuss the dates of the next transnational meetings. The meeting started with risk analysis presentation by Frank Hiddink, a representative of the Open Education Community Foundation (Belgium), who presented the results of the “risk analysis” questionnaires carried out by all high-school project partners. The most important points to be drawn from these results were that: a) the questionnaires were well adhered to by students (almost 1200 students responded to the questionnaires) and teachers (more than 70); b) the most common form of student/teacher bullying in practice is face-to-face (and not cyber-bullying as it may be in the case of student/student nowadays); c) in order to study the results in more detail, it will be necessary to show the results of each independent country, study the influence of gender and age, etc. and not only in a general way. Afterward, the factor and needs analysis task was discussed and an important and necessary conclusion was reached for the successful execution of this task: a) a new questionnaire, in a scale questions format (e.g., likert scale), will be required in order to draw objective and more detailed conclusions from it; b) a consultation with a professional in the area of psychology is necessary in order to design a valid questionnaire with appropriate questions for factor and need analysis. To this end, the host representatives appointed Prof. Diogo Morais with whom they will discuss further steps towards the completion of this task. On the second day of the meeting, a document in excel format was presented where the responsibility of each partner is placing all dissemination activities throughout the project and social networks where the project is registered and where it shows the news and updates over time was presented. The project's website, its content and the information still needed to be inserted were shown to all partners and suggestions were heard. Finally, after evaluating the current state of the tasks and a general discussion, dates for the next transnational meetings were discussed and the partners reached the following (preliminary) agreement: a) the meeting in Turkey will be held between 19 and 20 September of 2023; b) the meeting in Finland will be held between 21st and 22nd February of 2024.


Portugal- Minutes of Meeting

TPM3 - Turkey

The third transnational meeting took place between 19 th - and 20 th September 2023 in Turkey at Osmangazi Ilce Milli Egitim Mudurlugu, Bursa, Turkey with the participation of the project partners: from Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Finland and Poland. Here's the key activities and outcomes: - Presentation of Factor Analysis by COFAC: COFAC presented the Factor Analysis, setting the stage for in-depth discussions on the final project outcomes. - Need Analysis and Further Analysis: Intensive work on the Need Analysis took place, accompanied by suggestions for additional analyses to enhance project insights. - School-Based Prevention Programme by OMEM: OMEM led a session on the School-Based Prevention Programme, including a practical case study monitored by Professor Ruchan Uz. - Social Media and Project Website Updates: Bursa Hurriyet Anadolu Lisesi and Wojska Polskiego High School provided updates on social media activities and the project website. - Meeting at Hürriyet Anatolian High School: A digital presentation showcased Türkiye, Bursa, and Hürriyet Anatolian High School. Hosts Filiz Hititsoy and Nihal Görür outlined the school curriculum and engaged in Q&A. - Introduction to Task No. 3: Computer Games (Olemisen): Veli Elyak presented the plan for a computer game designed to address school-based bullying effectively. - Training Session on Bullying Prevention: Oya Simsek Guler and Pinar Unal Akpinar conducted a comprehensive session on various types of bullying, emphasizing the practical role of the prevention programme plan. - Work on eTwinning and Prototype Guidance Material: Activities included eTwinning discussions (I.T. Euclide-Caracciolo) and brainstorming sessions on the PRotoTYPe Guidance Material led by LO Wojska Polskiego. - Evaluation and Preparation: Evaluation of the meeting and project tasks was carried out by OMEM and OECF-Belgium. Preparations for the upcoming meeting were also discussed. - Certificate Ceremony: The meeting concluded with a certificate ceremony, acknowledging the collaborative efforts of all participants.

Agenda of PRotoTYPe 19-20th September

Bursa’s Minutes of the meeting

TPM4- Finland