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Project Results

OEC (Belgium) Risk Analysis A Risk Analysis is the analysis used for the identification of students and teachers who are under the risk of bullying in schools. The bullying rates and conditions in partners schools will be revealed and analysed.

COFAC (Portugal) - Factor Analysis and Needs Analysis: A Factor Analysis is the analysis that will reveal which factors cause bullying. A Need Analysis is the analysis that explains what the prevention plans should include and the contents of the prevention programme and digital games.

OMEM (Turkey) - School-Based Prevention Programme will be prepared as an education portal including both a student-teacher training and a rehabilitation training programme. It will provide the necessary training for students and staff to identify bullying, raise awareness towards it, provide and develop strategies to deal with challenging situations. This portal will also include sections and activities to involve parents and all groups of interest and attract their attention to the issue.

OLEMISEN BALANSSIA RY (Finland) - Computer Games for Bullying Computer Games and other digital tools such as videos and animations.With the digital games to be created, students will be able to simulate the difficulties experienced by playing games related to bullying after each lesson at schools or at home. They will also be able to learn the necessary templates on how to resist, react, and protect themselves from bullying. The consortium creates and integrates digital tools such as videos and games into the programme, they will be open-source, sharable and downloadable from relevant websites.

LO İM. WOJSKA POLSKIEGO (Poland) - Guidance Material A Guidance Material will be created for teachers and students in order to explain the objects and purposes of the project and include instructions for the online portal and computer games