The focus of the project is to: emphasize the issue of bullying caused by school staff towards students and by students towards the school staff, which we call as ‘schoolbased bullying. To reduce the incidence of bullying at schools and among students, teachers and school staff owing to the implementation of the project Prototype. With this project, the professional qualities of the teachers will be increased...


Elimination of early school dropouts is to serve both the purpose of the Erasmus+ programme and to prioritize the EU strategy (2021) Other objectives are as follows: to learn and acquire interpersonal skills and solutions applied in different countries, to discover the key skills of our partners who are experiencing the same problem, to strengthen various teaching skills and techniques of school administrators and teachers to prevent violence, to ensure that the students who have suffered various types of violence are able to adopt common values, Prototype project will directly focus on students, schools, teachers and school staff by using well-crafted, tailor-made outputs to fight against school-based bullying.